Digitally-enabled braces have made their way well into the consumer arena with  a multitude of offers targeting  athletes and patients and gadget high-fliers alike.

ProfitApp.NET has analyzed the market and designed a series of “Hand-Wear under the umbrella. incorporates risk-aware applications that are designed to make your life easier and safer.

The proprietary technology is:

  • feature-agnostic
  • mobile application driven [Android, iOS and open source platforms]
  • durable light-weight
  • energy-savvy

Cy-BRACE” line of bracelets

The Cy-Brace Hercules bracelet sends  signals at variable frequencies that are capable of keeping most organisms – either harmful or simply annoying  – at a safe distance. The device is effective within a radius of up to 5 meters  from your body (3 meters underwater).

The frequencies that are emitted by the custom-built ESP software, are safe for the human tissue, yet powerful enough to paralyze the nervous system of “pests” and other “bug-ware” for a few seconds and drive them away.

The Cy-Brace technology is available for third-party licensing and white-labeling.