We develop and promote open-source software and license-free tools that make daily digital tasks easier to carry-out. We strongly believe that open-source software is the way forward. Software is a tool to create, not a creation to self-exit. Good tools allow for good craftsmanship.

We tend to focus on the craftsmanship side and how to reach excellence in the innovation and design phase of the development and production cycles across business functions.

Ubund Studio [32-bit and 64-bit] is one of the best open-source multimedia-enabled OS, allowing users to create digital projects involving video, graphics and sound of high-quality.

Direct download link for Ubundu Studio

Bossie Awards 2016 – The Best Open Source Software Awards

Direct Download link for Cyclos v.3

Direct Download link for LogicalDOC CE

Direct Download link for NextCloud Server

Direct Download link for Blender

Direct Download link for OSQuery