ProfitApp.NET is a suite of software and hardware applications developed on top of mobile devices hardware sensors within rich mature and nested “IoT ecosystems’.

The focus of these deployments is to provide an all-round view of the performance and profitability of your business within an acceptable risk profile that is monitored in realtime so that both Risk Takers and Risk Receivers can jointly define the terms for profit maximization within the “new business game”.

We do not simply develop Software for IoT Platforms

We allow your Stakeholders to make informed decisions

that max-imize your Business Impact in  real-time.

Furthermore, the open application philosophy, allows for extensive customization to cater for emerging business requirements throughout the application lifecycle, in tandem with strategy adjustments and operating environment evolution.

We employ Machine Learning Algorithms that analyse risk-taking decisions and their outcomes over time, so that we form a pool of data which can provide optimum risk over profit mixes for every particular time instance, given the one of the two variables.

This  philosophy in application development, enhances application use, extends application lifetime and enriches continuous and shared information flow, all of which are critical for uninterrupted business operation where agility, availability and instant response times translate directly into OPEX or market position advantages.


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