#Learning is Sacred

History is a Tale of Humans and Evolution

Learning how best to protect

the BeeHive and the Young

Diversity of Opinion can be coupled with Unity

so that we Stop Passing Judgement on others’ shortcomings

and start building on each others’ charisma

(Λόγος) Literature : {Our Role in the Grand Design}

Encyclopedia = ΕΝ ΚΥΚΛΩ ΠΑΙΔΕΙΑ = Holistic Stealth Education

STEALTH TRAINING takes place when every single personal contribution matters to everyone else.

When the Social Systems from a clearly Cybernetic point of view have reached a stage when a “Reboot” is deemed necessary, we all need to Stop ( ! ), ponder over our alternative courses of action and choose the one that fits Humanity best, given the circumstances

Some very bright minds in recent educational matters, the likes of Maria Montessori, Alexander Sutherland Neill , Célestin Freinet and, of course, John Dewey and Jean-Jacques Rousseau – have provided the most innovative, imaginative and artistic perception of how children could best engage in their own Education and also allow us to learn from them at the same time.

In the footsteps of those contemporary pioneers, we design and deliver training sessions via video, books and focus groups (either in-house or remote) with the emphasis of learning a new way of learning with joy and creativity


We sincerely hope, you enjoy this, as much as the Authors and Educational Practitioners did, each in their own time and context.

[This Material is Out of Print. Last searched on December 2020]

We need Leaders who are willing to Serve FIRST

and be served Last.

Can you take the Challenge?

There is no Higher Mission than that of Serving others